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Our Injury and Rehabilitation Centers use chiropractic care to assist patients to recover strength and mobility.

Applying adjustments to various joints of the spine results in specific and powerful effects to the nervous system. The adjustments are often accompanied by a program of physical therapy to enhance the recovery process. We also offer an array of therapies from massage, stretches, exercises, and modalities, to guide you on your path to pain-free health.

By employing a program of stretching and strengthening exercise, your back and neck can gain the flexibility needed to survive a lifetime of stress and strain.

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Did You Know …

You can find Dr. Cragg on the sidelines!  Dr. Cragg has recently extended his expertise to assist with sideline pre and post performance care for some of our St. Louis area high school athletes.

Wishing them all the best in health and wellness from the SLIR Staff!

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